Exif_JPEG_PICTUREPlease put yourself in the distinctive atmosphere and learn through the tea ceremony that is the ultimate hospitality (“Omotenashi”)


In a tea ceremony, there is the phrase “Chazen ichimi”. This means “Cha” (tea ceremony) has been originated from ‘Zen’. That is why, both words accommodate.


Tea ceremony brings your heart in hospitality through facing with the others. Zen settles down your heart through facing with yourself.


Also, tea ceremony is said the ultimate hospitality (“Omotenashi”).


For making a one bowl of Macha, the tea master thinks about the visitors, and select appropriate a single flower, seasonal sweets for the hearty hospitality (“Omotenashi”).


Through your tea ceremony experience, you can enjoy Japanese traditional culture, heart of Japanese, and Japan’s beauty.


CHAZEN would like to introduce you that how wonderful the Japanese hospitality, traditional culture, and Matcha. Of course, we will show you very simple way to be understood for the beginners.


We really hope that you will enjoy the Japanese hospitality.

“One bowl of Matcha gives you the sense of the peace and make the smiley world.”





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CHAZEN intends to heal and give smile to anyone no matter of a nationality, sex, ages.
We mainly offer culture about tea ceremony.


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