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What is Chazen?


CHAZEN intends to heal and bring smiles to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or nationality. We primarily offer an introduction to tea ceremony and Japanese culture.
We specialize in
● Promotion of Tea ceremony demonstrations or other related events
● Tea utensil sales
● Build a tearoom.
● Tearoom design and construction



Rie Takeda
Omotenashi planner
Chazen Founder
Associate professor of Sadourasenke
Professor of Ikenobokado
Japanese traditional culture leader
I have more than 30 years experience in performing tea ceremonies and have been involved in introducing and promoting Japanese tea ceremony and traditions all over the world.

【 Qualifications 】

1993 Professor of Ikenobokado
1994 Certified Japan Tea Association Instructor
1995 Certified Japan Table Art Association Instructor
2000 Associate professor of Urasenkesado
2008 Certified Flower Life professional flower artist
2010 Flower Art Culture Association table cordinator authorized school
2011 Flower Art Culture Association preserved flower authorized school
2011 Certified Tea Expert Association Instructor

Media Appearances

2012 Flower works textbook (HEARST Fujingaho-magazine)
2013 Table setting & Manner (25 ans-magazine August Issue)
2014 Nikkei Adult modesty (BS Japan-TV)
2014 Art de Vivre Ⅲ (HEARST Fujingaho-magazine)
2014 Table setting & Manner (Bijin hyakka-magazine)
2014 Introduction of “Chazen” (USA The teastylist.com)
2015 Beauty Premium No.12 (Four Seasons Press-magazine)
2015 “Let’s begin!” (TV TOKYO)

Overseas Tea Ceremonies

USA April-May 2014

● Laguna Beach (Los Angels, California)
● Irvine Golf Club (Los Angels, California)
● Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California)
● Battery Park (New York)
● John. F. Kennedy International Airport (New York)
● Greenwich village preschool (New York)
● Times Square (New York)
● Astoria Queens (New York)
● On The Queen Mary in Long Beach (California)
● Various places in California

FRANCE 2014 June – July

● FRANCE June – July 2014
● Triumph Gate
● Eiffel Tower
● Palace of Versailles Gardens
● Jugetsudo Paris
● Various places around Paris

Thailand February 2015.

● Temple of the Emerald Buddha
● Elementary schools in Bangkok
● Royal Thai Armed Forces
● Royal Thai Police
● Various places around Bangkok

Taiwan (Kaohsiung) May, 2015.

● Lotus Pound Kaohsiung
● Various places around Kaohsiung

Beijing, China June 2015

Tiananmen Square
The Forbidden City


2014. May: World Tea Expo (Long Beach)
        July: Japan Expo (Paris)

        October: Xiamen Tea Fair (China)
                      On-stage demonstration

2015. February: Japan EXPO in Thailand 2015
                      On-stage demonstration

        May: Kaohsiung International Travel Fair
                      Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau
                      On-stage demonstration.

                      Japan National Tourism Organization (JITRO)
                      On-stage demonstration.

        June: Beijing International Travel Fair
                      Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau
                      Demonstrated in TCVB exhibition booth

                      Japan National Tourism Organization (JITRO)
                      On-stage demonstration.

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